Welcome to ‘StoryScape’ – where imagination knows no bounds! Our groundbreaking web app is a vibrant playground where children with diverse abilities embark on incredible storytelling journeys. With ‘StoryScape’, kids can dive into a world of pre-built adventures that engage their senses, or unleash their inner storyteller to craft their own magical tales

Not Just A Story But An Experience

The Wolf and the Wizard

The RoboCop Saving World

NBA ShowDown: Play To Win

Space Thread: Landing into Moon

A Place for All and Everyone

brings comfort and creativity to children in hospice care. Through therapeutic storytelling, it offers emotional healing, an escape to imagination, and a sense of community. It empowers these brave young souls to express themselves, connects families, and ensures accessibility for all. In the midst of challenging times, it provides a nurturing space for joy, self-expression, and connection, offering moments of solace and empowerment.

What Do We Offer?

An Intuitive Experience

Inclusive Community

Accessibility at its Heart

Creative Runway

Liked StoryScape​?

We are here for you and support the cause you are working for, just write us an email at and we will help you set-up according to your needs.

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